Appointment of an Examiner
Where there has been no decision to wind up a company and there is still a reasonable prospect of survival the courts have the power to appoint an examiner. The role of the examiner is to formulate proposals for a compromise or a scheme of arrangement in respect of the company, its creditors, and members...
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COVID-19 & Business Interruption Insurance
When I notified my insurance company that I was seeking to invoke my Business Interruption Policy, I was advised that they were refusing to indemnify me. They said this was on the basis that the notifiable disease (COVID-19) did not emanate from my office. I was taken aback. What is the point in having Business...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Commercial Contracts
The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has turned the commercial world on its backside. The commercial contracts that we all take for granted (and that keep the economy humming along) are under the biggest pressure test they will ever face.  Nobody is unaffected.  Whatever the strict legal position of a party to a contract may be (as...
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When do I need a Solicitor?
Although legal matters range from the very minor such as a parking ticket to the very serious such as organised crime, only some require the assistance of a Solicitor. Similarly, in civil matters, the seriousness of a case ranges from those heard at the Small Claims Court to complex High Court litigation, and everything in...
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What you can and can't get sacked for
Unfair Dismissal cases in Ireland are heard before the Workplace Relations Commission and are governed by the Unfair Dismissal Act 1977-2015. Employees who are fired are often upset and unsure about whether they can take action to save their jobs or get compensation; they don’t know their rights and they don’t know what to do....
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Do I need a solicitor to buy a house?
Sometimes I’m asked, ‘do I really need a solicitor to buy a house?’. The idea of buying or selling a house can seem like an endless merry-go-round between banks, solicitors and opposing parties. These types of transactions are often the largest a person undertakes during their lifetime, particularly where it is a family home. When...
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Transgender graphic
Written to mark Transgender Awareness Week 2019.  The Gender Recognition Act came into effect on 4th September 2015 and provides for the legal recognition of a persons’ preferred gender. This process allows individuals over the age of eighteen to self-declare their own gender identity. In general terms, sex refers to the genetic and biological differences...
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Elderly people socialising.
A review of the cases of the thousands of incapacitated people living in residential care is essential to ensure that those who lack the capacity to consent to their stay in institutional care are not being deprived of their liberty, writes Stephen Walsh. AT A GLANCE: The protection (or lack thereof) afforded to people who stay in residential...
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Following on from part 2 of my guide to Conveyancing Process in Ireland I will take an in-depth look at the Completion of Sale and Stamp Duty & Registration of Title. It is important for first time buyers to be aware that there is a technical sequence of events which must take place according to...
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Following on from part 1 of blog entitled A Guide to The Conveyancing Process in Ireland I will take an in-depth look at the Letter of Loan Offer, Pre-Contract Enquiries and Contract for Sale.  It is important for first time buyers of property to be aware that there is a technical sequence of events which...
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